Tender Tamarind Rice

24 Oct 2014

Tender Tamarind Rice is an exceptional rice preparation because of its unique taste of tartness and sourness of the tender tamarind mixed with few seasoning added to cooked rice. This rice variety is extremely tasty yummy and distinctive to taste. The sourness of the tender tamarind which gets well infused into the rice on tempering gives a fantastic tangy, spicy taste to the palate. Tamarind rice is popularly known as Pulihora, Puliyodhare or Chitrannam that is generally prepared in most South Indian states. They are umpteen ways of preparing this dish. The name itself signifies that Puli means tamarind or sour. Pulihora is a significant dish especially prepared during festivals and auspicious occasions or served in most south Indian temples as ‘prasad’ (offering to god). Tender tamarind rice is fast to cook and simple yet truly appetizing. The pieces of raw tamarind pods is crushed to paste and mixed with sizzling tempering of mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves, green ch...