Bar Style Ginger Prawns

29 Jul 2014

Bar Style Ginger Prawns is an excellent appetizer or snack item and a very popular restaurant dish having Oriental influence. It is made adding a spicy, sweet and tangy Ginger masala. The masala is brilliant slurry mix of various sauces, onion paste, garlic and ginger which is nicely coated around the fried prawns. An awesome dish having a mix of awesome flavours tingling around the palate and often served in most bar and restaurants in and around Hyderabad! As the name says, this dish is served in most bar and restaurants to give a punch to the taste buds along side with cocktails or alcoholic drinks. The strong and aromatic flavours complement well with the mild and delicate flavour of the prawns. This snack has an additional kick of flavours from freshly ground black pepper that gives the heat to the dish. This dish can be eaten as a appetizer, snack or served with a delicious fried rice. Prawns or Shrimps a...